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19 Feb 2009 Inhull Efficient test for points inside a convex hull in n dimensions Author: John D'Errico

Thank you very much for this code. Particularly thanks to John for explaining me a problem I had with the code:

I have tried the following:
in = inhull(tms,tms);

which gave roughly ~319

as John points out:
"those 319 points were almost certainly on the surface of the convex hull.

Try this slight modification of your code instead.

in = inhull(tms,tms,[],1.e-13);

See that I've used a tolerance this time. The linear algebra used in the test is done in floating point arithmetic in matlab, as it must be. Without a tolerance, any test done in floating point arithmetic is suspect. By default that tolerance is zero, but this is also why I allowed the user a tolerance at all. "

Thanks John!!!!!

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