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19 Apr 2012 Screenshot readgenbin Reads a time-range of data from a binary GENESIS file. Author: Cengiz Gunay data import, neuron, genesis, simulation, measurement, data exploration 5 0
02 Mar 2012 readNeuronVecAscii Reads Neuron simulator Vector object data from ascii files. Author: Cengiz Gunay simulation, modeling, neuron, data import 5 0
06 Feb 2012 Screenshot loadAmiraMesh Load Amira Mesh 3D ASCII data Author: Cengiz Gunay amira, mesh, data, file, convert, load 12 0
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4.0 | 1 rating
19 Oct 2010 paramsNeurofit - import parameters from Neurofit Extract Hodgkin-Huxley type ion channel parameters from a Neurofit report file. Author: Cengiz Gunay neurofit, hodgkinhuxley, channel, ion, voltage clamp, fit 7 0
13 Oct 2010 loadVclampAbf Load I and V traces from a pClamp ABF file that contains voltage clamp data Author: Cengiz Gunay pclamp, abf, abfload, abf2load, data import 6 0
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04 Nov 2014 Adjust error bar width Adjust error bars width in an errorbar plot to a ratio of the x-axis or a length (x-axis units). Author: Arnaud Laurent


04 Nov 2014 Update error bar widths automatically on figure resize Add callback to the current axis to maintain a sensible error bar width on zooming. Author: Chris Rodgers

Nice trick for resizing.

02 Nov 2010 MATLAB xUnit Test Framework MATLAB xUnit is a unit test framework for MATLAB code. Author: Steve Eddins

Is the idea of 'precision' implemented in your assert functions? Andrei Rotenstein above suggested it.

I also came up with my own assert case for checking the 'maximal' error during a vector comparison; e.g.,

assert(max(abs(m_int - m_ideal)) < 1e-1);

It would be nice to have it implemented inside assertElementsAlmost Equal. A shorter name for the function would also make test functions clearer ;)

Otherwise this is a simple and great framework. Thanks!

29 Oct 2010 abf2load a version of abfload which is capable of reading abf 2.0 files Author: Forrest Collman

Apologies.. The file I was trying to load seem to be corrupt and couldn't be loaded by pClamp 10, either. So please ignore the previous post. The correct files can be read by abf2load. Thanks!

27 Oct 2010 abf2load a version of abfload which is capable of reading abf 2.0 files Author: Forrest Collman

I am getting this error with some ABF2 files from pClamp10:

>> Kslow1_vc = abf2voltage_clamp([ Kfastslow_datadir '008/09821026.abf' ]);
** abf2load
opening ~/prinzlab/Logy/Data Compilation/Potassium Data/Subtracted/008/09821026.abf..
{??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in ==> abf2load at 291
h.recChNames=strvcat(h.recChNames, Strings{ADCsec(i).lADCChannelNameIndex});
291 h.recChNames=strvcat(h.recChNames, Strings{ADCsec(i).lADCChannelNameIndex});
K>> ADCsec(i).lADCChannelNameIndex

ans =


There are only about 7000 Strings, so this is way out of bounds. I also tried the python version of abf2load that is part of Neo, but that chokes on these files, too. I can send a copy of the file if you can take a look at it.

Thanks for the otherwise very useful utility!

(molecular devices developer page link is broken now. Is there a way to get to that code?)

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07 Feb 2012 loadAmiraMesh Load Amira Mesh 3D ASCII data Author: Cengiz Gunay Diane

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