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30 Aug 2013 Google Earth Toolbox Various plotting/drawing functions that can be saved as KML output, and loaded in Google Earth Author: scott lee davis

First of all,
Let me thank you for this package. It's been solving lot's of problems for me.

I have one question though. Why is ge_quiver not being distributed anymore? I had to recover it from a much older version. It works, so I'm not sure why it's not being offered with the rest of the package.

Maybe it's speed of the ge_quiver algorithm. To that, I have made a few tweaks to make it faster.. I would gladly send you the code if you want.

27 Mar 2013 Convert ECI to ECEF Coordinates Transform ECI position, velocity and acceleration to ECEF position, velocity & acceleration. Author: Darin Koblick

I have been importing some ECI data from the OrbitTools C++ library and have stumbled upon some weird behavior.

In MATLAB I am using your functions to transform ECI to ECEF and then using the MATLAB function, ecef2geodetic to transform into normal azimuth/elevation/height coordinate space.

The weird behavior is that despite having smooth ECI data (smooth as in no jumps in the data) as inputs, I am getting discontinuous ECEF data (graph for r_ECEF(1,:) and r_ECEF(2,:) looks like saw). This is happening for GOES-8 and GOES-15 satellite data.

What is weirder is that on a macro scale (ignoring variations, including the sudden discontinuities), the position of the satellite in the mapa mundi seems to be correct.

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