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25 Sep 2014 SINIDE - Parameter identification of a sine-wave from a measured signal Frequency, amplitude, phase shift and mean value of the best sinus fit to a sampled signal. Author: Miroslav Balda

1 star for attempting to make everyone chase down YOUR DEPENDENCIES.

25 Sep 2014 inp.m The function inp.m serves for keyboard input supported by default value Author: Miroslav Balda

25 Sep 2014 Figure window placement - fig.m Function fig.m opens figure window on coded place of the screen. Author: Miroslav Balda

25 Sep 2014 Align equal sign Automatically align equal sign in variables assignment Author: Alessandro Masullo

Good first effort. However, I wanted this function to be great and couldn't recommend it to other users right now.

Some thoughts:
1. Where is the test script?
2. Did you run the function on the source itself?
3. The approach does not separate assignment (lhs = rhs) from equalityTest (==) or strings ('=').
4. Are the options comparable to known non-MATLAB tools (e.g., Uncrustify)?

24 Sep 2014 PlotPub - Publication Quality Graphs in MATLAB PlotPub is a MATLAB library for creating beautiful, publication quality figures. Author: K M Masum Habib

You have a lot of documentation that doesn't seem to answer the simple question: Why should a MATLAB user use this PlotPub over export_fig?

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