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13 Nov 2014 MATLAB Simulation of variable-mass rigid-body 6DOF Calculate aircraft variable-mass rigid-body six-degrees-of-freedom equations of motion using MATLAB Author: Stacey Gage

Are the errors fixed (?)


13 Nov 2014 MATLAB simulation of fixed-mass rigid-body 6DOF Calculate aircraft fixed-mass rigid-body six-degrees-of-freedom equations of motion using MATLAB ODE Author: Stacey Gage

There is little reason for this *single* file to be highly rated. Errors as mentioned previously Mar 2008 have NOT been corrected.

The author apparently wants to play with the new custom toolbox toy. Nothing else here.

08 Nov 2014 Hybrid Zero Dynamics Get Hybrid Zero Dynamics Reference by Optimizing Cost of Transport (COT) Author: Oguz

Might be a nice "toolbox:, but it errored for me:
This algorithm uses the minimazition function by Rody Oldenhuis.
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in setoptimoptions (line 231)
options.(toolboxOptions{ii,1}) = toolboxOptions{ii,2}; end

14 Oct 2014 Calling Shared Libraries from Simulink This paper discusses several approaches for calling shared libraries from Simulink models Author: Mikhail

A good tutorial. Nice coverage of six (or seven) different ways to use c shared libraries in Simulink/Matlab.

25 Sep 2014 SINIDE - Parameter identification of a sine-wave from a measured signal Frequency, amplitude, phase shift and mean value of the best sinus fit to a sampled signal. Author: Miroslav Balda

1 star for attempting to make everyone chase down YOUR DEPENDENCIES.

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