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01 Nov 2008 A Collection of Fitting Functions A collection of fitting functions for various distributions. Author: Ohad Gal

Guys, i use Randraw function to generate data randomly from a truncated normal distribution, but when i tested the generated data if they have come from a Normal distribution (not truncated), the hypothesis was rejected. which means that the data can not be assumed to have come from a Normal distribution, If I use the Normal distribution to fit my collected data using for example dfittool tool box, I get a mean and sigma values , when I use them to genera data from the randraw function with using (y = randraw('normaltrunc', [0, +inf, mu, sigma], 1, 1e5), the data obtained do not follw a normal distribution. so what i need is some kind of distribution fitting tool that can fit my original field collected data to a left Truncated normal distribution and give me the right parameters , i.e. mu and sigma

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