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17 Jun 2014 Fast and Robust Curve Intersections Computes intersection points of two curves. Author: Douglas Schwarz

An excellent function! However, if both intersecting curves already include the intersection point, weird results are possible (see the provided example). This problem was already touched by John Mahoney (the results were different).

My test case: several lines pass through one point and every line must eventually include this point. However, it's not known in advance that we have this situation, it simply may appear.

x1=[-0.49313932739246, -0.02127781500161, 0.450583697389237];
y1=[-10.01, 0, 10.01];
x2=[-1.22073877122679, -0.02127781500161, 1.17818314122357];
y2=[10.01, 0, -10.01];
[x,y,seg1,seg2] = intersections(x1, y1, x2, y2)

The case is published because it may be useful to know about. Otherwise I agree that the function works fine in 99,99999999% of cases.

30 Mar 2014 Distance from a point to polygon Calculate the distance from a point to 2-D polygon, and the point on the polygon closest to the poin Author: Alejandro Weinstein

To Michael Yoshpe's comment (about Eric Schmitz's comment):
why do we need "clear id"? By the way, it consumes quite a lot of time.

30 Mar 2014 Distance from a point to polygon Distance from a point to 2-D polygon Author: Michael Yoshpe

To Eric Schmitz's comment:
why we need "clear id"? By the way, it consumes quite a lot of time.

28 Mar 2014 Skeletonization using voronoi An efficient skeletonization (thinning) which uses the Voronoi diagram. Author: Yohai

Nilimb said: "its slower than the matlab's inbuilt"
But what's the MATLAB's inbuilt? Is there any inbuilt function in MATLAB that does the same?

15 Feb 2014 stabilization of (kd,kp)with Ki stabilization area Author: tanusree roy

total nonsence

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