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11 Mar 2014 mmax and mmin Returns maximum or minimum value of an N-D matrix Author: Chad Greene

What's wrong with the simple call
max(A(:)) or min(A(:))
? Since Matlab stores A in column format anyway, I don't think there is much computational work required to transform the array into a column vector.

29 Aug 2013 press Prediction error sum of squares. Author: Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz

Refers PRESS to the well-known leave-one-out-crossvalidation? If yes, it would be good to indicate so in the description.

11 Apr 2013 Finds edges in a binary image Function "EDGE2" is an alternative to function "EDGE". Function is compact and fast. Author: Nazar Petruk

No, it is not an alternativ since edge can handle grayscale images, too. However, I like the good documentation, the comments in the code and the H1 line.

02 Apr 2013 Averaging Filter without using imfilter Filters the image nicely without using imfilter Author: yagnesh

refer to the function conv2 to be much more efficient in calculating an averaging filter.

23 Jan 2013 Custom GINPUT GINPUT with customizable cursor. Author: Jiro Doke


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