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09 May 2013 Histogram distances Implementation of some commonly used histogram distances (compatible with the pdist interface) Author: Boris Schauerte

I got an error running this, but
the fix is simple, the error and
the patch are below:


>> hist_dist_example
??? Error using ==> imread at 387
Unable to determine the file format.

Error in ==> hist_dist_example at 83


i had to change http to https
like so:

diff -r 090ae7bb4029 hist_dist_example.m
--- a/hist_dist_example.m Thu May 09 07:20:13 2013 -0700
+++ b/hist_dist_example.m Thu May 09 13:55:26 2013 -0700
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
for j=1:numel(fendings)
- url=sprintf('http://cvhci.anthropomatik.kit.edu/~bschauer/datasets/google-512/images-resized-128/%s+color/%d.%s',colorname,i,fendings{j});
+ url=sprintf('https://cvhci.anthropomatik.kit.edu/~bschauer/datasets/google-512/images-resized-128/%s+color/%d.%s',colorname,i,fendings{j});
[~,status] = urlwrite(url,fullfile(tmp_foldername,filename));
if status

19 Apr 2013 Numerical differentiation based on wavelet transforms Numerical differentiation based on wavelet transforms (CWT and DWT) Author: Jianwen Luo

Your method worked to solve a problem that stumped me for years! I work with tracking data from ocean animals. These data can be very noisy, but I was able to extract good speed data.

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