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04 Jul 2013 GIF Player This function will display the animated GIF's in the figure window Author: Vihang Patil

% It could also be done like
hObject = figure();
je = javax.swing.JEditorPane(...
'<html><body><img src="file:loading.gif"></body></html>');
[~, hcontainer] = javacomponent(je, [], hObject);
set(hcontainer, 'units', 'pixels', 'position', ...

12 Jun 2013 Fast Line Segment Intersection Finds the pairwise intersection points between line segments in 2D Cartesian space. Author: U. Murat Erdem

12 Jun 2013 Multiple or partial INTERSECT function INTERSECTN allows > 2 inputs and finds partial intersects! Much more flexible than intersect alone! Author: Jeremy

You forgot to state that it requeres the Statistics Toolbox due to the use of "combnk"

27 Mar 2012 Intersect2 Finds the intersection (common elements) of several (more than two) arrays Author: Suri Like

but I would change the code a bit:

n = numel(cell);
if n == 2
result = intersect(cell{1}, cell{2});
elseif (n > 2 && rem(n,2) == 0)
for i = 1:(n/2)
intersections{1, i} = intersect(cell{i}, cell{n-i+1});
elseif (n > 2 && rem(n,2) == 1)
for i = 1:((n-1)/2)
intersections{1, i} = intersect(cell{i}, cell{n-i+1});
intersections{1, i+1} = cell{(n+1)/2};
error('You need at least two arrays as inputs');

if n > 2
result = intersect2(intersections);

28 Feb 2012 Unique Rows for a cell array Find unique rows of a cell array containing columns with strings or scalars, or N-D matrices Author: Jim Hokanson

input check not implemented well. eg. if nargin == 2 the it will fail with an error.

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