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Denis Anikiev

Saint Petersburg State University

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geophysics, modeling, seismic inversion, image processing


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15 Jul 2014 structfun2 Apply a binary operation function to each field of two input structures Author: Denis Anikiev structfun, structure, structures 6 0
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27 May 2014 Vector algebra for arrays of any size, with array expansion enabled Multiple dot, cross, and outer products, cross divisions, norms, normalizations, projections, etc. Author: Paolo de Leva

27 May 2014 Multiple matrix multiplications, with array expansion enabled Multiplying matrices, vectors, or scalars contained in two N-D arrays, with array expansion enabled. Author: Paolo de Leva

13 May 2014 Publish dependent and called functions Publish explicitly called functions not found in the MATLAB root. See mfile for limitations. Author: Nick Angelini

16 Apr 2013 SEMLAB Spectral Element Method for wave propagation and rupture dynamics. Author: Jean-Paul Ampuero

10 Apr 2013 xlwrite: Generate XLS(X) files without Excel on Mac/Linux/Win Generates ‘.xls’ & '.xlsx' files on Mac/Linux/Win without Excel, using same syntax as xlswrite. Author: Alec de Zegher

Great submission, thanks.
Why don't you add something like this to beginning:

path = mfilename('fullpath');
name = mfilename;
path = path(1:length(path)-length(name));
javaaddpath([path 'poi_library/poi-3.8-20120326.jar']);
javaaddpath([path 'poi_library/poi-ooxml-3.8-20120326.jar']);
javaaddpath([path 'poi_library/poi-ooxml-schemas-3.8-20120326.jar']);
javaaddpath([path 'poi_library/xmlbeans-2.3.0.jar']);
javaaddpath([path 'poi_library/dom4j-1.6.1.jar']);

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