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18 Apr 2014 problemonopamp.mdl a problem on opamp Author: sravan padala matlab, opamp, operational amplifier, problem on opamp 3 0
18 Apr 2014 positiveclipper.mdl positive clippers Author: sravan padala matlab, clippers, positive clippers 6 0
18 Apr 2014 negativeclippertype2.mdl negative clipper type2 Author: sravan padala matlab, clipper, sine wave 5 0
18 Apr 2014 negativeclipper.mdl negative clipper Author: sravan padala clippers, negative clippers, sine wave 5 0
10 Mar 2014 Screenshot instrumentation amplifier instrumentation amplifier using op-amp Author: sravan padala operational amplifier, op amp, instrumentation ampli... 18 0
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14 Apr 2013 Grid connected PV system with MPPT PV system is connected to Grid via MPPT and Inverter Author: Siva Malla

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