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Tim Zaman

Delft University of Technology

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PhD on Photothermal Tomography. www.timzaman.com


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04 Sep 2013 Spectral and XYZ Color Functions Label plots with spectra. Convert wavelengths to RGB. Functions for color matching and illuminants. Author: Jeff Mather

14 Apr 2013 Color Checker Chart Synthesize a perfect version of the X-Rite Color Checker chart. Author: Image Analyst

No, no, no, NO. You cannot state R,G,B values for such targets, "Image Analyst". The RGB colorspace is HIGHLY non-perceptually-uniform. Conversion to LAB would make it as perceptually uniform and standardized as you can get these days. And yes, you state that you use the sRGB values, but which sRGB whitepoint do you use? What observer degree? And so on. Convert your image to the appropriate LAB values and take the color space into consideration. Then compare LAB values.

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