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25 Nov 2009 Screenshot SparsePack Packs a sparse matrix into a single uint8 array, reducing memory usage. Author: Sebastiaan sparse, compression 10 0
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21 Jan 2013 MTIMESX - Fast Matrix Multiply with Multi-Dimensional Support Beats MATLAB 300% - 400% in some cases ... really! Author: James Tursa

@Charles: under Unix, the BLAS library linked to is normally mwblas , not blas_lib.

03 Feb 2012 IEEE 754r Half Precision floating point converter Converts MATLAB or C variables to/from IEEE 754r Half Precision floating point bit pattern. Author: James Tursa

Thanks, works perfectly! Actually looking forward for TMW to include half and quadruple precision.

13 May 2011 Compression Routines Compress Matlab variables in the workspace. (supports cells, structs, matrices, strings, objects) Author: Jesse Hopkins

Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried it with my version (which chunks the data in 5 MiB blocks to prevent running out of heap space), but the speed-up is not measurable. Compressing ~120 MiB takes 0.035 seconds for the custom typecast and 0.161 for the built-in function. In contrast, the java GZIP function takes 7 seconds (and uses only 1 thread).

However, sharing pointers is of course a much nicer solution.

29 Apr 2011 maxNumCompThreads Replacement Returns the number of available CPU cores Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

This is hardly a replacement, as the original maxNumCompThreads is capable of actually setting the number of threads.

The planned removal of this capability has been bugging me for quite some time. I am thinking about reviving a custom function, using omp_set_num_threads:
http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/newsreader/view_thread/170152 (see comment 12). This should work at least for the BLAS subsystem.

30 Sep 2010 sharedmatrix SHAREDMATRIX Allows any Matlab object to be shared between Matlab sessions (w/o using file I/O). Author: Joshua Dillon

No idea, but that should be more about (system) libraries than compiler, right? I am sorry, but I do not have a windows version of Matlab, nor do I have windows.

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