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09 Sep 2011 Ellipsoid fit Fits an ellipsoid to data using linear least squares. Author: Yury Petrov

Works great.

09 Sep 2011 sphere without poles works like sphere bult-in matlab function but result is sphere without poles. Author: Maxim Vedenyov

Works great. Easy to use and results look good. Thanks!

12 Aug 2010 portable matfile exporter (in C) Export matfiles from C programs, regardless of the platform the file is running on. Author: Malcolm McLean

The author's pejorative comment is completely unnecessary.

23 Nov 2009 mgrep Returns the names of all m-files in a directory or directory tree that contain a search string. Author: John D'Errico

Awesome! It works as advertised.
It allowed me to search through a deep .m file hierarchy and find a dreadfully annoying error message string in an unknown file (added by a colleague) and to remove it. Yeah!

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