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05 May 2013 Clinical Test Performance The test calculate the performance of a clinical test based on the Bayes theorem Author: Giuseppe Cardillo

Thanks for the code.

I looked at the source and didn't find an explanation for the "Choose cut-off to compute performance" message. What does it mean? and what values are relevant?

And one more question: I run partest within a loop and now I need to press enter every time the cut-off message appears. How can set it to run for the same value everytime it runs?

29 Apr 2013 ROCout=roc(varargin) compute a ROC curve Author: Giuseppe Cardillo

Great code. Thanks. Some questions:
1) Is there any document explaning the output - what each result means and how is it calculated?
2) We found that a negative value in the data causing an error. Is that true? Will adding a constant to bring all data above zero will affect the results?

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