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02 Jul 2013 Screenshot figtopdf figtopdf saves figures as .pdf image. Author: Alexandre Willame pdf, image, graph, graphs, report 10 0
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19 Feb 2014 Ginput 3D GINPUT3D allows you to ginput in xy, yz and zx plane of 3D plot, ginput can do that only in xy plane Author: Marino Bajcic

Does not work. Just returns zeros. I used


on a 3D graph. All three points were (0,0,0).

15 May 2013 Iris segmentation using Daugman's integrodifferential operator This program takes as input the image of the iris f human eye and localises the iris and pupil by fi Author: Anirudh Sivaraman

For those who have problems using it, here is an example of how to launch it (eye.jpg is a 480x360 image of an eye):

[ci,cp,out] = thresh(eye,50,400);

15 May 2013 save_to_base.m copies variables from the workspace of the calling function to the base workspace Author: Phillip M. Feldman

Do the job

15 May 2013 Multi progress bar A new "shiny" progress-bar with multiple bars in a single window, time-estimates and more. Author: Ben Tordoff


15 May 2013 M-file Header Template Promotes better m-file documentation by encouraging authors to produce informative headers. Author: Denis Gilbert

What everyone should use (even just partially) to quickly and nicely make their templates.

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