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Joerg Bretschneider

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Forest worker, Mathematician, Ph.D. in Earthquake engineering, from Saxony


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04 Jun 2009 Screenshot LISTMATCH unique adaptive STRMATCH Author: Joerg Bretschneider strings, match, cellstr, char 6 0
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17 Oct 2013 XML Toolbox Conversion of MATLAB data types to XML and vice versa. Author: Marc Molinari

I would ask Marc to provide the m-files.
Seems as if he has dumped the project.

Seems to be great work - stable through releases, well structured and with simple interfaces. We have to test if it suits our needs, as we would have to exchange the XML between Matlab and Java...
An option to work further on the code would be great, Marc!

07 Dec 2009 CalcMD5 Another MD5 calculator as fast C-Mex Author: Jan Simon

Great work! Compiling the mex went seamlessly. I used this to get some version control independent from buggy datenum.

18 Jun 2009 DOTNOT - Dot Notation Implements a replacement interface to GET/SET for graphic/gui options. Author: Peter Rydes├Ąter

This seems to be a fine idea, I wonder why nobody has commented so far. I guess the problem is portability of code using this class, the class dotnot must always be delivered, dependencies evolve which restrict usage.
Seems to require deep understanding of the handle graphics package, so this may be another obstacle.
Did The Mathworks relate to this so far? Maybe you should contact them directly

18 Jun 2009 AddRecursivePath Adds the directory specified and all subdirectories to the path. Author: Michael Robbins

I was not able to run this on Matlab 6.1, so Release 5.2 seems to be an error. Matlab 6.5 has regexp, but one which doesn#t support 3 argins.
Nevertheless the mfile is very simplistic, all subdirectories are used, but only the first level of a possible tree, and certain directories like @ or private or ., .. are included.

16 Jun 2009 LISTMATCH unique adaptive STRMATCH Author: Joerg Bretschneider

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16 Jun 2009 LISTMATCH unique adaptive STRMATCH Author: Joerg Bretschneider Joerg Bretschneider

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