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13 Jun 2014 Distance correlation Distance correlation calculation Author: Shen Liu

Using bsxfun you could get this function more efficient, e.g.
A = a - bsxfun(@plus,mean(a),mean(a,2))+mean(a(:));

26 Sep 2013 Homogeneity test for multiple correlation coefficients Tests whether multiple correlation coefficients are equal. Author: Thomas Zoeller

The code is only for independent correlation coefficients, if I get it right. You can also replace the functions fisherz and ifisherz with atanh and tanh, respectively.

05 May 2013 Five parameters logistic regression - There and back again Fit data points with a five points logistic regression or interpolate data. Author: Giuseppe Cardillo

The code mostly assumes a positive slope (e.g. the automatic selection of starting values).

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