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16 Apr 2014 LSE A linear least squares solver, subject to linear equality constraints Author: John D'Errico

How large are the matrices it can handle?
For instance:


14 Apr 2014 Retouching Depth of Field using Depth based Selective Gaussian Blurring by S Mukherjee and R Guddeti Altering the depth of field of an image based on a supplied depth map and user's depths of interest. Author: Subhayan Mukherjee

It would be interesting if you could build a "Sharpness Map" from the single image given without a "Depth Map".

03 Feb 2014 Extended DFT Program EDFT produce high-resolution N-point DFT for N greater than the length of data vector. Author: Vilnis Liepins

This is great a great technique.
I'd be happy if you explain more clearly the intuition behind the "Super Resolution" in it.

Thank You.

28 Oct 2012 Image Fusion Technique using Multi-resolution Singular Value Decomposition A novel image fusion technique based on multi-resolution singular value decomposition (MSVD) has bee Author: VPS Naidu

Could you add more info?

24 Aug 2012 Nonlinear Diffusion Toolbox Set of functions to perform nonlinear diffusion on images. Author: Frederico D'Almeida

I wish someone would implement "Fast Anisotropic Smoothing of Multi-Valued Images using Curvature-Preserving PDE’s"

By David Tschumperlé into this toolbox.

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