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15 Sep 2014 Save and load data as multi-frame TIFF format Export various types of data such as single, double or 16bit integer as TIFF format Author: YoonOh Tak

Change/add following code for big tiff support in saveastiff.m. Big tiff uses 64 bit addressing and allows for files >2 Gbyte.

Comment Section:
% options.big
% : true or FALSE,
% use big tiff format

Argument parsing section:

if isfield(options, 'big') == 0
options.big = false;

Open output file section:

if ~options.append
if ispc
tempfile = '~$temporal.tif';
tempfile = '._temporal.tif';
if s.bytes > 2^32-1 || options.big
t = Tiff(tempfile, 'w8');
t = Tiff(tempfile, 'w');

30 May 2013 Hardware accelerated 3D viewer for MATLAB A set of demonstrations that show how to install and use an accelerated 3D viewer for MATLAB. Author: Jean-Yves Tinevez

While the export of data from Matlab to 3D Viewer is well documented the path backward is difficult to figure out.

1) I have not figured out how to import a rendered scene as an image.

2) In the 3D Viewer one can change the view with the mouse but I have not figured out how to get the actual 3D transformation matrix back to Matlab.

3) While one can zoom with the Mouse scroll button, there appears to be no such function available to control the viewer from Matlab. A workaround is to compute the 3D transformation matrix for objects in Matlab but I could only make that work for objects and not for the view of the Universe.

Comment) The Transformation Matrix in Java3d is not the usual Rotation*Scaling*Translation. Translation is appended as 4th column.

19 Jun 2012 Accurate Fast Marching Multistencils second order Fast Marching 2D and 3D including rk4 shortest path and skeletonize Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

I believe by creating groups of the starting points one could use parfor (on those groups) to compute distance maps and take advantage of multiple CPU cores with each core working on a group of the distance points.

09 May 2012 Viewer3D MIP, Color, Slice and Shaded 3D (shearwarp) Volume Rendering, interactive 3D view/measurement GUI Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

If Dirk-Jan has spare time I was hoping he could consider implementing commands to:
1) reset rotation to be North/South/East/West on top (or have a field where the rotation, translation and zoom can be entered by hand).
2) Option to apply rotation, zoom and translation performed in one widow to the other windows (linking view setting between windows)
3) Function to crop data cube by placing planes perpendicular to x/y/z
4) 3D cursor to probe intensity while also showing location.

09 May 2012 Viewer3D MIP, Color, Slice and Shaded 3D (shearwarp) Volume Rendering, interactive 3D view/measurement GUI Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

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