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19 May 2013 GUI Layout Toolbox Layout management objects for MATLAB GUIs Author: Ben Tordoff

Hi Ben,

I have been trying to make use of TabPanels for visualising a dataset. I can create and plot to several tabs each containing a flexible grid of axes:

for p = 1:Ntabs;
for q = 1:Naxes


Unfortunately if I make the figure reasonably large on the screen when I change tabs the axes on the old tab are not fully hidden and obscure the axes on the new tab (basically it looks a mess). If I slightly resize the figure window then the view updates and the axes are displayed correctly. Normally the first few times I change tab things work correctly.

I am using GUIlayout v1p13 on R2013a on win7.

Any help including a work-around would be greatly appreciated (executing refresh(gcf) doesn't help)!



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