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23 Apr 2013 Chebfun Numerical computation with functions instead of numbers. Author: Chebfun Team

Hi Jeff

Sorry for the delay in replying. In your first problem, you haven't quite the boundary condition syntax correct. The following should work:

L = chebop(@(x,u) diff(u,4), [0,1]);
B = chebop(@(x,u) sin(x) + 0*u, [0,1]);
L.lbc = @(u) [diff(u,2), diff(u,3)];
L.rbc = @(u) [diff(u,2), diff(u,3)];

The y''''(x)=lambda*f(x)*y(x) problem should be possible also. Try something like the following, where sin is replaced by the m-file you wish to use to construct f:

f = chebfun(@sin, [0, 1]);
[V, D] = eigs(L, diag(f), 4);



P.S. Emailing discuss@chebfun.org or help@chebfun.org should result in speedier replies! :)

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