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28 Jan 2014 CDMA2000 Downlink Simulink Models Simulation of a CDMA2000 downlink system Author: Alex Rodriguez

Dear All

I opened the Simulink model and then initialized it. Finally, I ran it but it gave me two errors as follows:

For S-function 'sdspupfir2', the number of defined parameters, 27, does not match the number of parameters on the dialog of 'cdma2k_phlayer/Rx Antenna/Rake Receiver/Rake Finger/Channel Estimation/Low Pass Filter', 4. These two values must be identical.

2- Error in S-function 'cdma2k_phlayer/Tx Antenna/Spreading Non-TD Mode/expand PN Sequence': S-Function 'expandPNSeq' does not exist

I do appreciate it if anyone help me to solve this problem.

24 May 2013 de Bruijn sequence generator Generates example de Bruijn sequences of specified number of characters and subsequence lengths. Author: W. Owen Brimijoin

I run the code attached at this page but it gives me the following error

>> sequence = debruijn_generator(3,2)'
Undefined function 'debruijn_generator' for input arguments of type
Please let me know what should I do.

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