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Nikola Toljic


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Fast and efficient numerical methods for high frequency electromagnetic analysis


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02 Jan 2011 smooth2a Smooths a 2D matrix using a mean filter over a user-defined rectangle. Ignores and preserves NaNs. Author: Greg Reeves


28 Jun 2009 Plot 3D Color Line Plots a 3D line with color encoding along the length using the patch function. Author: Daniel Ennis


13 Jun 2009 statusbar3 similiar to statusbar Author: KBT WARKBT

Nice work.

13 Jun 2009 Computation of the Friedrich's constant for a unit square domain Friedrichs' constant is computed for a unit square geometry and homogeneous Dirichlet conditions. Author: Jan Valdman

Works good.

13 Jun 2009 kernel density estimation fast and accurate state-of-the-art bivariate kernel density estimator Author: Zdravko Botev

Just what I needed.

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