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03 Oct 2011 Screenshot CTrecon-an improved parallel data image reconstruct function Fixes a bug in iradon that results in offsets from the true values. Uses mex func. for backproject Author: Robert Alvarez image processing, reconstruct, iradon, radon, parallel 15 0
21 Sep 2011 Screenshot CT Projection Simulator Computes the parallel beam 2D projections of an object specified as a set of geometric shapes Author: Robert Alvarez tomography, line integrals, image processing, medical 28 0
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19 Dec 2011 Straightforward COPY and PASTE functions Allows very simple manual exchange with other applications through the clipboard. Author: Yvan Lengwiler

After fighting with Matlab's clipboard() function for an hour, I found these functions. They do what they're supposed to, no fuss, no bother. Thanks.

08 Aug 2010 2D CUDA-based bilinear interpolation GPU assisted fast bilinear interpolation Author: Alexander Huth

Th description is somewhat misleading. The function (and Mr. Buchgraber's) only interpolates to a set of regularly spaced points. It is equivalent to the ZI = interp2(Z,ntimes) call of interp2. It does not do 2D interpolation on a general. i.e. not equally spaced points. as can also be done with interp2

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