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Costas Panagiotakis

Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece

Personal Profile:

homepage: www.csd.uoc.gr/~cpanag

Professional Interests:
signal processing, image and video analysis, 3D animation, multimedia and pattern recognition


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19 Aug 2014 Screenshot Clustering via Voting Maximization Implementation of CVR and CVR-LMV [1-2] methods for clustering. Author: Costas Panagiotakis clustering, kmeans, partition 35 0
29 Jul 2014 Screenshot Community Detection in Graph Community Detection in Graph Using Synthetic Coordinates Author: Costas Panagiotakis community detection, graph, clustering, graph clustering, social networks 21 0
22 May 2014 Screenshot Local Community Detection via a Flow Propagation (FlowPro) method FlowPro finds the community of a node in a complex network without the knowledge of the entire graph Author: Costas Panagiotakis community detection, graph clustering, clustering, belief propagation, local community detec..., pattern recognition 10 0
14 May 2014 Screenshot Filters for Curvilinear Enhancement Step filtering and Polynomial filtering for enhancement of partial curvilinear structures Author: Costas Panagiotakis filtering, rotation invariant, scale invariant, image analysis, image processing, curvilinear detection 17 0
07 May 2014 Screenshot Video Synopsis Video Synopsis - Key frames Selection based on a Distortion Minimization method Author: Costas Panagiotakis key frames detection, video, video processing, video synopsis, key frames, video summarization 35 0

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