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Alfian Abdul Halin

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Personal Profile:

Currently a PhD student at Universiti Sains Malaysia attached to the Computer Vision Lab.

Working on Semantic Video Analysis via Multi Modal Analysis.

At the same time learning basic and advanced methods of Image Processing n Computer Vision using MATLAB (exclusively)


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17 Apr 2013 mmread Read virtually any media file in Windows, Linux, or Mac. Author: Micah Richert

Hi there. I tried to type mmread (without any arguments)... then my Matlab (R2009b) shut down. Is there something in the code that causes this? Thanks!

15 Mar 2013 mmplayer MATLAB video player for mmreader-objects. Author: Robert Walter

Hi. This is a very useful and very well design video object and video frames player. I was just wondering how I can embed this into a figure? Am quite new to GUIs in matlab. Thanks in advance!

11 Mar 2013 mmread Read virtually any media file in Windows, Linux, or Mac. Author: Micah Richert

Just to update. I ended up using mmreader instead :P But with a little bit of a cheat...

obj = mmreader('test.avi');

for i = 1:obj.NumberOfFrames

currFrame = read(obj, [frameCount frameCount]);
imwrite(currFrame, fileName,'jpg');
frameCount = frameCount + 1;


Yeah... I know. I suck at coding :P

05 Mar 2013 Vehicle number plate recognition. Extracts the characters from the vehicle's number plate image, using Templates matching. Author: Rehan Qadir

Hi! Will this work in MATLAB R2009b? Thanks! :D

26 Jan 2011 Affine optic flow Estimates the parameters of an affine (first-order) optic flow model from two images. Author: David Young

The time I ran this I was using MATLAB 2007... you think it might work if I use R2009a?

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