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22 May 2013 Kehl, a fast (no loop) method to compute MSD Kehl computes the mean squared displacements (MSD), with no loop. Fully vectorized code. Author: maxime msd, mean squared displace..., diffusion, random walk, trajectories, trajectory 11 0
11 May 2012 Lilo : Fast and pixel-accurate stitching for 2D tiles Lilo is a fast, semi-automatic and pixel-accurate stitching for any number of 2D tiles. Author: maxime stitching, tiling, image processing, reconstruction 10 0
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02 Jul 2012 VoronoiLimit Constrain the vertices of a Voronoi decomposition to the domain of the input data. Author: Jakob Sievers

Great function !
I upgraded it for using it with any bounding shape. Just replacing "crs" variable by any polygon.
Works fine !

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