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08 Feb 2014 Hausdorff Distance Calculates the Hausdorff Distance between two sets of points in a Euclidean metric space. Author: Zachary Danziger

Very fast and useful submission.
Works well for me. Thank you

08 Feb 2014 *MEX* Modified Hausdorff Distance for 2D Point Sets This function quickly computes the Modified Hausdorff Distance (MHD) for 2D point sets. Author: SasiKanth

Nice submission.
I get different results, for same A and B, when I run again and again. Any reasons?

with regards,

30 Jan 2014 Frechet Distance Calculator Estimate the similarity between curves in space using the scalar Frechet Distance. Author: Tristan Ursell

Nice submission. Has great potential application.

01 Dec 2013 Fast Linear binary SVM classifier Fast implementation of Linear binary SVM via BLAS/OpenMP API Author: Sebastien PARIS

Hi Sebastien,
Thank you for sharing excellent software.
I am having training data of orders 9500 x 200000. Can you suggest some tips, if any on choice of algorithm/parameters.
I found cddcsvm_train, with C =5, B =1; better than PEGASOS.
But didn't know if any other choice of parameters-C or optimization technique can yield better results.

with regards,

21 Oct 2013 Fast GMM and Fisher Vectors Fast GMM (diagonal covariances only) with Kmeans initialization and Fisher Vectors Author: Sebastien PARIS


Very useful submission.
Can you kindly upload linux mex files if possible. I am failing to compile using gcc on linux.

Thanks in advance

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