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28 May 2014 3D Cone beam CT (CBCT) projection backprojection FDK MLEM reconstruction MATLAB codes for students 3D Cone beam CT (CBCT) projection backprojection MLEM FDK reconstruction MATLAB source codes Author: Kyung Sang Kim

Would it be possible to use this program to forward project a 3D image where dx=dy, but dx=dy!=dz? Right now, my parameters are:

%% Parameter setting %%

param.nx = 400;
param.ny = 400;
param.nz = 66;

%The real detector panel pixel density (number of pixels)
param.nu = 400;
param.nv = 400;

% Detector setting, according to Varian Trilogy OBI (real size)
param.su = 350; % mm
param.sv = 350; % mm

% X-ray source and detector setting
param.DSD = 1500; % Distance source to detector
param.DSO = 1000; % X-ray source to object axis distance

% This confusing stuff
% (1000/1500)*(350/400)
param.sx = param.nx*res; % mm
param.sy = param.ny*res; % mm
param.sz = param.nz*res; % mm

but this doesn't create the correct forward projections, so far as I have been able to check. Am I trying to do something that is impossible in image processing?

Thank you!

01 Jul 2013 MATLAB Support for Arduino (aka ArduinoIO Package) MATLAB class and Simulink blocks for communicating with an Arduino microcontroller board Author: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team

Hi, I am trying to run a stepper motor using a seeedstudio motor shield v1.0 paired with an arduino uno, and it is totally fine running the stepper in the arduino IDE but I haven't managed to budge it using MATLAB. I have been successful moving servos and reading analog voltages through MATLAB, so maybe the problem is the motor shield?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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