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21 Jan 2014 Screenshot Dot Density Plot Draws a dot density plot. Author: Molly Rossow plotting, data exploration, statistics 19 0
03 Sep 2013 Screenshot ImageNotes ImageNotes provides an interface for blind analysis of images. Author: Molly Rossow visualization, images, analysis, viewer, biomedical, data exploration 37 0
11 Jul 2013 Screenshot X-Axis Brackets Draws a set of brackets below the x-axis to group data. Author: Molly Rossow plot, plotting, visualization, axis, figure 20 0
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22 Aug 2014 Zeiss Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope LSM file reader Read image data from Zeiss LSM files Author: Joe Yeh

14 Apr 2014 tiffread2.m read tiff files, including stacks with info Author: francois nedelec

26 Mar 2014 saveppt This function saves Matlab figure windows or Simulink models to a Powerpoint file. Author: Mark Brown

26 Mar 2014 uipickfiles: uigetfile on steroids Many-featured, platform independent file and directory picker. Author: Douglas Schwarz

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