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Michael Hawks

Air Force Institute of Technology

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02 Dec 2013 Screenshot cubeviewer For vieiwing 3-D data structures Author: Michael Hawks video, display, hyperspectral 15 1
08 Jul 2013 Screenshot finterp Use Fourier interpolation to increase sampling of an image. Also includes an optional filter. Author: Michael Hawks image processing, signal processing, interpolation 10 0
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05 Jul 2013 N-dimensional Fourier interpolation Performs N-D FFT interpolation with upsampling, downsampling, or mixed up- and downsampling Author: Matthias Schabel

Kevin - I think the following one-line function (added to the bottom of the code) should do the trick.

function i = odd(x)
i = (floor(x/2)~=(x/2));

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06 Jan 2014 cubeviewer For vieiwing 3-D data structures Author: Michael Hawks Sindhuraj

This is a pretty useful bit of code.I am new to hyperspectral image analysis, and spent like a month to figure out how to get spectral responses in matlab,without results. This seems is pretty cool. Any ideas on how to do comparison for multiple cubes(at the same pixel) for a selected set of bands? like a 3 d plot or something? Thank You!!

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