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12 Nov 2013 Control MS Word from matlab A set of functions that can control word from matlab by activex. Author: Ivar Eskerud Smith

Thank you very much for this tool!

Some comments from my side:
1. Function scaleAllImages, line 163-164:
There is no need in specifying both ScaleHeight and ScaleWidth. Indeed, the aspect ratio should be hold, so I replaced these lines with


2. If somebody wants to insert Matlab figs into the MS word documents as is (as they are presented at the screen), the following code should be helpful, I think:

%additional arguments specified to avoid opening the figure that is already opened
fig = openfig(file,'reuse','invisible');
%to set the figure size in the word document to be the same as on the screen
%copy figure to clipboard as windows EMF

I've placed this code to the insertPicture function instead of the line 413:
actxWord.Application.Selection.InlineShapes.AddPicture( file, link, savewithdoc );

09 Jul 2013 sort_nat: Natural Order Sort Sort strings in natural order. Author: Douglas Schwarz

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