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Omar Al Okashi

University of Buckingham

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15 Sep 2014 thresholding the maximum entropy Maximum entropy thresholding is the maximization of information between object and background. Author: Fatma Gargouri

14 May 2014 Hough transform for circles A Hough transform function for detecting circles, optimised to allow search over radii. Author: David Young

Thank you very much for great code...
Any hint if I can change it to work on ellipse rather than circle?

With my Best Regards...

14 May 2014 Ellipse Detection Using 1D Hough Transform An efficient ellipse detector based on Hough voting Author: Martin Simonovsky

Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your valuable work... when I run your example I got this error message:

??? Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals

Error in ==> example at 18

Can you help me please to fix this...

10 Jul 2013 2D/3D image segmentation toolbox 2D/3D image segmentation using level-set based active contour/surface with AOS scheme Author: Yan Zhang

Dear Sir
Thank you so much for you sharing of this great work.. I tried to run it but I can not, this what happen with me:
1- I run it on Windows 7
2- I used mex -setup and I select " Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 " as a compiler.
3- I included data to path.
4- I save the whole folder for toolbox outside matlab.

5- I end with this error when I tried to compile mex :
??? Error using ==> mex at 208
Unable to complete successfully.

Error in ==> compile_mex_codes at 1
mex ac_tridiagonal_Thomas_dll.cpp

Can you please help me in this issue.

With My Regards...

08 Jul 2013 Soft thresholding for image segmentation Image segmentation based on histogram soft thresholding Author: SANTIAGO AJA-FERNANDEZ

Dear Sir..
Thanx alot about sharing... I can not run it because of this error:

??? Error using ==> shiftmat
Too many input arguments.

Error in ==> seg_fuzzy at 207
M_tmp = shiftmat(Mx,i,1);

can you explain us how to implement it..
with my Regards...

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