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10 Jul 2013 matlab2tikz/matlab2tikz A script to convert MATLAB/Octave into TikZ figures for easy and consistent inclusion into LaTeX. Author: Nico Schlömer

Really nice package! Many thanks!

I am facing some problems though related to subfigures.

1) The error - bars in the subfigures are not printed.I receive the following warning:
"Warning: Error bars discarded (to be implemented)."

2) I am using the suplabel.m to produce super - x/y - labels for the subfigures.
Is there any way to keep the suplabels in the figure when using matlab2tikz? Right now when I insert the figures in latex the suplabels are missing.

3) A final problem I have is with keeping the legend at given position. Any suggestions?

Many thanks for any help!

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