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12 Mar 2014 A multidimensional map class MapN provides a map class similar to containers.Map, but with multidimensional keys. Author: David Young

very nice.
a little Update to your Code:
you can also use function calls like "map.isKey(..)" and avoid the according error, if you add the following at beginning of the function "subsref(M, S)":

if ~strcmp(S(1).type, '()')
v = builtin('subsref', M, S);

12 Feb 2014 bsxops Force MATLAB operators to behave BSXFUN-like Author: Bruno Luong

should be default behaviour of matlab

16 Jul 2013 Hermite cubic interpolating polynomial with specified derivatives Computes piecewise cubic polynomial which interpolates function values and first derivatives. Author: Nick Henderson

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