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09 Jun 2014 Screenshot pages_subplot.m Create multiple pages using subplot Author: Leyon subplot, suplabel, multipages 4 0
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15 Aug 2014 quivermc Plot georeferenced vector fields with color options. Author: Chad Greene

Very nice function. A suggestion to improve your function is to scale the colorbar xticks based on the reference value rather than 0:1. It would eliminate the need for the user to do the multiplication.
Here is the snippet of code I use to do such a task:

set(cb, 'xticklabel', get(cb, 'xtick') * refval);

cb is a handle to the colorbar or in your case can be turned on if the option colormap is defined in line 331.

01 Jul 2014 labelpoints Automatically label points in your plot given x and y values & a string of labels + Outliers option. Author: Adam Danz

Very useful. Thanks.
Have a problem using with subplot. Even with the use of the extra option its placement of labels is crazy.
Was using it with a (4,2,s) subplot of bar graphs to plot frequencies and label with probabilities.
Any help to fix the issue would be nice

27 Jun 2014 Geographic Polar Plot Polar plot with vertical reference axis and direction changes clockwise, like a compass rose. Author: Mark Labrecque

How would i use this function with output from distance function?
Can you modify the tickmarks to a 16 point compass.
Very usefull. Thank you.

16 Dec 2013 LanczosFilter.m Low or high-pass Lanczos (cosine) signal filter. Author: Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera

Is there a calculation for a desired M? Everytime I enter an M value it returns incorrect number of coefficients. This is what I am using:

t = 1:489; % x-axis scale
dt = 162; % period
Nf =1/(2*dt); % Nyquist Frequency
cf = Nf/2; % cut-off frequency
% Default: half Nyquist(sample_size/2)

n_coef = 100; % number of coefficients
pass = 'low';
%lanc_freq: frequency

[lanc_fdata,lanc_coef,lanc_window,lanc_fft,lanc_freq] = ...

16 Dec 2013 LanczosFilter.m Low or high-pass Lanczos (cosine) signal filter. Author: Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera

can this code do bandpass filtering

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