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24 Jul 2013 EPS Utility Toolbox A set of functions to generate publisher-happy EPS images Author: Kesh Ikuma

Hi Kesh

Many thanks for developing this tool.

I just have a question because I experience an error when using this tool.

I am using a mac, so maybe this could be the problem.

Please would you let me know if I am using the tool incorrectly or if there is some way to fix the below problem?

I appreciate your time and thank you in advance!

My error is as follows:

Error using cell/setdiff>cellsetdiffR2012a (line 292)
Input A of class double and input B of class cell must be cell
arrays of strings, unless one is a string.

Error in cell/setdiff (line 84)
[varargout{1:nlhs}] = cellsetdiffR2012a(varargin{:});

Error in epsfixfonts (line 133)
NeededFonts = setdiff(AllFonts,EmbeddedFonts);

Error in epswrite (line 190)

Error in MyProgramV1_060 (line 43)

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