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22 Aug 2013 Harmony Search Algorithm Harmony Search Algorithm is a heuristic method for global optimization. Author: sajjad yazdani

There is an error in line 28: HF(i,1)=MyFun(HM(i,:))
But i cant find any problem with that.
Can explain that.

22 Aug 2013 Solving Symmetrical and DisSymmetrical TSP base on Ant Colony Algorithm Using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm to solve Traveling Salesman Problem Author: wang h

Error: File: ACO.m Line: 1 Column: 14
Unexpected MATLAB expression.
Why this could happen? izit bacause of the matlab's version?
Appreciate your help..

26 Jul 2013 SSO (Simplified Swarm Optimization) algorithm SSO algorithm simple example Author: Jiing Deng

Hi Jiing Deng, great! You are the 1st person who did the SSO in Matlab. Now I am doing SSO in my master thesis as well. And the above paper, Wahid, she is my supervisor. Are you doing research also? May be we can work together.

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