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23 Sep 2013 MESH2D - Automatic Mesh Generation Generates unstructured triangular meshes for general 2D geometry. Author: Darren Engwirda

This is a powerful and useful tool. It is well written and documented.

Since Mathworks abandoned tsearch, simply calling tsearchn instead works for me. Moving to tsearchn requires two changes that I am aware of:

mytesearch.m Line 68:
i(j)=tsearchn([x y],t,[xi(j) yi(j)]);

meshfaces.m Line 199:
i = tsearchn(ph,th,p);

I do not agree with the solution proposed by Chen and Barnhart. Delaunay triangulations are not unique. Their approach effectively generates a separate triangulation and searches over it. Mapping such results into the original Mesh2D triangulation is ill-advised.

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