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02 Jul 2012 LAPJV - Jonker-Volgenant Algorithm for Linear Assignment Problem V3.0 A Matlab implementation of the Jonker-Volgenant algorithm solving LAPs. Author: Yi Cao

this is a really great piece of code, thanks!
i noticed that "Faster Jonker-Volgenant Assignment Algorithm" seems to have a nice feature which is not yet implemented in this version? do you have plans to include it? many thanks, joshua

23 Apr 2009 Publish to MediaWiki A stylesheet to make MATLAB publishing produce MediaWiki markup as an output. Author: Matthew Simoneau

this works pretty great for me, but i get things like:

<source lang="matlab"> load('west0479.mat') A = west0479; S = A * A' + speye(size(A)); pct = 100 / prod(size(A));
clf; spy(S), title('A Sparse Symmetric Matrix') nz = nnz(S); xlabel(sprintf('nonzeros=%d (%.3f%%)',nz,nz*pct)); </source>

is it possible that i set something up incorrectly?

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