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Charlie Hogg

Cambridge University

Personal Profile:

I'm a mathematician PhD working on environmental science. My experience mainly lies in water flow in lakes and mass and heat transfer in buildings.

Professional Interests:
limnology, oceanography, building physics


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06 Dec 2013 round_to_sigfig rounds a number to a specified number of significant figures Author: Charlie Hogg significant figures 15 0
09 Aug 2013 upload data from digiflow .dfc format into matlab Converts data written in digiflow .dfc format to be able to be used in matlab. Author: Charlie Hogg digiflow, data import 15 0
09 Aug 2013 Move_to_subplots Move axes to another figure window as a suplot Author: Charlie Hogg figure, data exploration 20 0
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25 Jul 2014 matlabfrag A matlab figure to .eps and .tex file exporter, similar to LaPrint Author: Zebb Prime

I have used this tool for ages and I think it's great.

I have one problem occasionally. When I try to plot a color bar which has an exponent (e.g. 10^-3), the exponent is not recognised in latex and the tag (e.g. 000) comes through.

Has anyone had this problem and found a work around? The tex file seems to be created ok, but the tag (000) in the eps file is not picked up.

My work around is to multiply the colour legend by the exponent and then add the exponent manually - not ideal.


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