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09 Aug 2013 Perceptually improved colormaps 7 perceptual colormaps with rainbow-like colors and 1 with heat colors Author: Matteo Niccoli

Really cool function, never thought about the perceived visual gradients in data due to luminosity mismatch. There was one error in the code where the 'linearl' and 'linlhot' were missing their switch statements. Here is the corrected switch statement on line 295 to access those last two color profiles:

switch lower(scheme)
case 'isol'
baseMap = IsoL;
case 'cubicl'
baseMap = CubicL;
case 'edge'
baseMap = Edge;
case 'cubicyf'
baseMap = CubicYF;
case 'linearl'
baseMap = LinearL
case 'linlhot'
baseMap = LinLhot

error(['Invalid scheme ' scheme])

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