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10 Oct 2013 Convert between world time zones with daylight saving times This is a very simple yet powerful function to convert a datenum from one timezone to another. Author: Erwin Mayer

@Scott, I applied your 'fix', but do not observe your issue.

t1 = datestr(TimezoneConvert(datenum('31-Mar-2013 00:59:59'),'UTC','Europe/Berlin'))
t2 = datestr(TimezoneConvert(datenum('31-Mar-2013 01:00:00'),'UTC','Europe/Berlin'))

Results in:
t1 =
31-Mar-2013 01:59:59
t2 =
31-Mar-2013 03:00:00

as expected.
So I think your fix is ok.

19 Mar 2013 polyfitn Polynomial modeling in 1 or n dimensions Author: John D'Errico

John, nice work.
I encountered a minor glitch.
When specifying the modelterms as an array of exponents, the variable 'varlist' was not assigned a value.
I fixed this by inserting the following at line 160:
else varlist = repmat({''},1,p);

25 Oct 2011 MATLAB xUnit Test Framework MATLAB xUnit is a unit test framework for MATLAB code. Author: Steve Eddins

To Ryan (and Steve of course),

I had a similar issue. I group multiple test cases in a file and place all of the test files in one directory. Then I call runtests with the directoryname as the argument.
I also noticed that if one of the test cases in one file has a syntax error, the whole file will be skipped silently.

To mend this, I made a small change in 'fromName' method in 'TestSuite.m'.


if nargout(name) == 0

nout = nargout(name);
warning('''%s'' does not appear to be a valid function.',...
if nout == 0

If the file has a syntax error, the nargout test will fail and a warning is printed before the actual testing starts.

Hopefully this will help you too.

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