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05 Feb 2010 intxy Finds the first point along line a where an intersection Author: Tim Myers

I can't figure out why I am getting NAN and complex numbers returned from intxy. Any suggestions?

17 Jan 2010 MESH2D - Automatic Mesh Generation Generates unstructured triangular meshes for general 2D geometry. Author: Darren Engwirda

I would like to generate a mesh with certain nodes specified on the interior. When I try to do this I end up with areas of my domain that are not filled with elements. For example, I would like node[0.25 0.5] connected to node[0.75 0.5] and the mesh to fill the entire region from [0 0;1 0;1 1;0 1]. The actual meshes I would like to make have more complex node positions.

The following produces a hole in the mesh:

node=[0 0;1 0;1 1;0 1;0.25 0.5;0.75 0.5];

02 Dec 2008 Determination of Crack and Buckle Density by Digital Image Analysis Determination of density and distance distribution of line-shaped features such as coating cracks Author: Stephan Frank

Good program, but it should be modified to output the (x,y) positions of the intersections.

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