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Hemant Kumar Aggarwal

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology-Delhi

Personal Profile:

PhD student at IIIT-Delhi, India

Professional Interests:
color and multi-spectral imaging, compressed sensing, sparse recovery


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08 Jul 2014 Salt and pepper noise reduction This submission have two algorithms for removing random impulse noise Author: Hemant Kumar Aggarwal denoising, salt and pepper noise 29 0
18 Jun 2014 HyperSpectralDenoising.zip Impulse Noise Reduction from Hyperspectral Images Author: Hemant Kumar Aggarwal image processing, sparse recovery 16 0
07 Jan 2014 Multi Spectral Demosaicing algorithms Implementation of two multispectral demosaicing algorithms. Author: Hemant Kumar Aggarwal image processing, signal processing 20 0
13 Dec 2013 Sparse Randomized Kaczmarz for Multiple Measurement Vectors. Implementation of sparse randomized Kaczmarz algorithm to handle multiple measurements. Author: Hemant Kumar Aggarwal kaczmarz algorithm, sparse randomized kac... 15 0

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