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Pierre Mégevand

Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, Manhasset, NY, USA

Personal Profile:

I am a physician and neuroscientist with an interest on using electrophysiology to uncover the neuronal basis of human cerebral functions. I am currently working as a post-doctoral research fellow on recording intracranial EEG from patients suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy who are implanted with electrodes for clinical purposes. My projects focus on the integration of visual and auditory information in perceived speech and on the connectivity of the epileptic brain.


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20 Aug 2014 Screenshot Grouped bar plots with error bars ERRORBAR_GROUPS produces customizable grouped bar plots with overlaid error bars. Author: Pierre Mégevand bar, errorbar, bar graph, bar plot, error bar, error bars 181 0
19 Sep 2013 Watson's U2 statistic based permutation test for circular data Performs a permutation test based on Watson's U2 statistic for 2-sample testing of circular data. Author: Pierre Mégevand statistics, circular, watson, u2, nonparametric, permutation 17 0
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05 Aug 2014 boundedline.m Plot one or more lines with a shaded boundary (can represent error, confidence intervals, etc). Author: Kelly Kearney

18 Jul 2014 one sample/paired samples permutation t-test with correction for multiple comparisons One sample/paired samples permutation t-test with correction for multiple comparisons Author: David Groppe

18 Jul 2014 Benjamini & Hochberg/Yekutieli Procedure for Controlling False Discovery Rate Benjamini & Hochberg/Yekutieli false discovery rate control procedure for a set of statistical tests Author: David Groppe

27 Jun 2014 crossing Detect zero (or any other) level crossing of signals. Author: Steffen Brueckner

A quick and dirty workaround for the error thrown by the function if the first zero crossing happens between samples 1 and 2 (cf. error message below) is to comment out the last 5 lines of the function (99:102). The first outputs of the function (ind, t0 and s0) remain unaffected.


??? Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.

Error in ==> crossing at 99
[CC,II] = min(abs([S(ind-1) ; S(ind) ; S(ind+1)]),[],1);

12 May 2014 Generate maximally perceptually-distinct colors Choose a set of n colors that can be readily distinguished from each other Author: Tim Holy

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