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18 Sep 2013 Worker Object Wrapper Simplifies managing resources such as large data within PARFOR loops and SPMD blocks Author: Parallel Computing Team

Great file! It's improved the speed of the parfor loop in a simulation I've written by 30%.

One issue: the first time I run this in my program, I get the following error:

Error using WorkerObjWrapper>(spmd body) (line 161)
You cannot get the 'Map' property of 'WorkerObjWrapper'.
You cannot get the 'Map' property of 'WorkerObjWrapper'.

This error occurs once for every worker I have, and aborts my script. When I then run my script again (no changes), WorkerObjWrapper works wonderfully and no errors occur. I'm calling it in this form (simplified):

tsteps = 1:10000;
xpoints = 1:100;
for jj = tsteps
% omitting stuff here that generates a large matrix of kk=6 different quantities ("bigMatrix(ii,kk)") that evolves in time and needs to be checked for each time step at each x point.

bigMatrixWrapped = WorkerObjWrapper(bigMatrix);

parfor ii = xpoints
bigMatrixW = bigMatrixWrapped.Value;
results(ii,jj) = processResults(bigMatrixW(ii));

The error occurs on the line "bigMatrixWrapped = WorkerObjWrapper(bigMatrix);" so I'm not even sure that the structure of my parfor loop matters, unless for some reason WorkerObjWrapper doesn't like being called repeatedly. But then running the whole script a second time works, with no "Map" error (I'm not even sure what that means) and the expected results collected in the "results(ii,jj)" matrix.

Any ideas?

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