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08 Oct 2013 Segmentation Multiple Image Segmentation using PSO, DPSO, FO-DPSO and exhaustive methods. Author: Micael Couceiro

Dear Micael Couceiro,
The functions looks wonderful,but can your give me some reference about this algorithm, if the principle will be presented ,I would be appreciated.Thanks.
My E_mail address is:gexinmin2002@163.com

05 Oct 2013 Image segmentation using statistical region merging Very simple and fast image segmentation code using statistical region merging. Author: Sylvain Boltz

Some errors existed when I run the srm_demo.m.
??? Undefined function or method 'srm_boundarygradient' for input arguments of type 'double'.

Error in ==> srm at 125
bgradient = sparse(srm_boundarygradient(labels, nlabels, normgradient));

Error in ==> srm_demo at 8
Can the author explain it?

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