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04 Oct 2013 EPS Utility Toolbox A set of functions to generate publisher-happy EPS images Author: Kesh Ikuma

I am trying to embed CMU Sans Serif fonts in the eps figures, trying to use epswrite:
But I am still seeing the default Courier type.
Looking at the eps file, I found the following fonts embedded:
Courier-SH-SS & HeaveneticaSH-SS
I have put the required pfb files in epsutil\fonts and re-run epssetup.m
STEP 2: Builds MEX functions...
decrypt.mexw64 successfully compiled and added to ...\MATLAB\epsutil\private.
encrypt.mexw64 successfully compiled and added to ...\MATLAB\epsutil\private.
STEP 3: Links to Ghostscript...
Ghostscript executable: "C:\Program Files (x86)\gs\gs8.63\bin\gswin32c.exe"
A list of fonts follows, but the fonts i want (CMU Sans Serif) is not in this list and neither is Heavenetica which is embedded in the eps file written by epswrite.
I am running MATLAB 2013a on win 7 64-bit
My objective is to integrate the figures into a LATEX manuscript, and I want consistent fonts. Please Help


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